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Current Lead Time - Cerakote

3 - 4 Months

Current Lead Time - Laser

usually two days

What is "Out-Gassing"

When we prep parts, we chemically clean them, sandblast them and then they go into an oven. If there is any oil in the part, the oven will drive it out. Depending on the part, this process will have to be repeated until the part does not weep oil. Failure to complete this process will lead to Cerakote adhesion failure.

What are we doing to reduce lead time

We have just added a new 5000 sq ft facility with four new paint booths and ten curing ovens. At this point we are just waiting on the FFL for this location and we will see lead times drop dramatically.

Does Black Sheep Arms sell guns and/or ammo?

No. While we have an FFL, our focus is on industrial coating (Cerakote), laser engraving and hydrographic/water transfer printing.