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In a throw away world, where products are created with the idea they will be replaced by a newer version, it is nice to have the option to restore, protect and customize the things you want to pass on to future generations.  

Cerakote is a product that can provide your items with lasting protection from a wide range of elements and external forces in addition to providing you with the ability to put your personal signature/touch on something.  That might be as simple as coating a firearm pink, camo or even creating a theme to coincide with other passions in your life.

Black Sheep Arms is the leading Certified Cerakote Applicator of Central Texas with its headquarters in Austin Texas.  We are a Type 07 FFL / 02 SOT with a state of the art application facility.  We stock most of Cerakote's H-Series and even C-Series colors.  All of our Cerakote services are backed by a three year warranty and we pride ourselves in delivering the finest quality finishes. 

Different By Design

Talk to a few Cerakote providers and you'll soon find people not only new to the gun industry but also new to graphic design and product design. Black Sheep Arms' founder's passion for graphic design dates back to the early 90s when he was tapped to run one of Houston's largest alternative news weeklies.
From there he went on to build a 90+ Internet design and consulting firm serving the Fortune 100.  The Black Sheep approach to firearms coating design has its roots in over twenty years of developing concepts and then bringing them to life.  Our mission is to extend your brand and create a halo concept/product that captivates potential customers.

In house we offer the following design services:

  • Digital mockups of proposed design treatment
  • Heat resistant vinyl plotter for creating stencil designs utilized in multilayer Cerakote projects
  • Graphic design services for preparing logos and corporate identity images for stencil and/or lasering
  • Photo studio to handle all social media product photography
  • Product photography for pre and post product imaging
  • Develop custom Cerakote colors for manufacturers

People, Product & Process

To be more than just a job shop, Black Sheep Arms focuses on three core concepts in it's day to day business: People, Products and Process.

Our people are constantly challenged to further enrich their skills via certifications and industry sponsored training opportunities.

Our products are chosen after rigorous real world testing and application and Black Sheep Arms ensures that any services/products offered will meet or exceed the three year warranty offered on all coating work.

In terms of process, we are constantly refining our job intake form, project management job tickets and in-progress project pictures posted to various Black Sheep Arms social media accounts.  Lastly when it comes to scheduling, our approach is to under promise and over deliver.  We won't hand back any project until it has passed our quality assurance testing.  We utilize industry standard tools to measure coating mil thickness ensuring that the coating is applied correctly and doesn't interfere with the intended operation of each item.

The following video is a quick look into how durable Cerakote is and why we choose it over competing brands.