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Fully Compliant Firearms Engraving Services


Our laser engraving services page is broken into two parts. The top half deals with laser engraving for individuals and the lower half deals with Black Sheep Arms providing these services on a larger scale for manufacturers. 

For Individuals

As part of our commitment towards creating one of a kind items that have either been restored or created anew, Black Sheep Arms new laser services provide sportsmen, law enforcement/first responders and all military a new avenue for personalization.  Since our new laser systems can work on virtually all materials, we now have the ability to cost effectively apply your mark to just about any object you can imagine.

Unlike older CNC engraving systems, the Galvo/Fiber laser can work with a much larger canvas (area) and at a much higher level of detail.  Another benefit of this type of system is that it can easily achieve depths of up to 0.030" (ATF required depth for serialization & trust information).

One question frequently asked is how is this system different from older Epilogue laser systems?  The answer is that most of those systems, do not have the power to actually remove metal, which is why they are just etching or annealing the substrate surface.  This is sometimes a desired approach and our system has the flexibility to adjust power to achieve this effect.

In order to make this simple & easy, our price for all SBR trust engraving is $70 dollars prior to tax being added (which is $5.78)  So, assuming you are good with that, legally mail your items with a copy of your drivers license (which contains the same address where the items will be mailed back to you, using the original boxes you provide)  and a cashiers check or money order to:

Black Sheep Arms / ATTN: SBR Engrave
8900 Shoal Creek Blvd.
Suite 101
Austin Texas 78757
Phone: 888-237-2944

NOTE: Include an email and phone number where you can be reached during business hours and also indicate by using either low adhesive tape or a quick napkin sketch where you want your trust name to appear.  If we have a problem or can't utilize your first choice area, designate a second choice location.  ALSO, For us to keep the price low, if you are shipping your item to us, you will need to provide a "ready to go" prepaid return shipping label in the box with your items.  If we have to coordinate return shipping there will be an extra charge on top of the base amount.

For corporate logos or symbols or other custom artwork, we will be updating those prices tables in the coming weeks. NOTE: The $70 price is for one trust engraving per item.

For Manufacturers

Federal Firearms Licensee
(FFL)  5-74-XXX-XX-XX-06325

As a Federal Firearms Licensee, with a Type 07 FFL/02 SOT Black Sheep Arms is approved to engrave and ship firearms.

Avoid lengthy production run delays by integrating Black Sheep Arms industrial strength galvo/fiber laser into your workflow.  When it comes to marking variances or customizations, we can work with you to speed your production rates by offloading client-specific logos, serial numbers and other customizations to our trained operators.  Click here for the ATF guidelines for requesting marking variances.

If you manufacture your own firearms, Black Sheep Arms can engrave ATF-compliant, consistent, legible markings (including logos) - markings that hand engraving, CNC, and rotary engraving cannot equal in terms of quality. 

If you manufacture firearm parts or accessories, Black Sheep Arms can engrave your logo or product information crisply, clearly, and permanently.  If you need assistance in the development or further refinement of an existing logo, Black Sheep Arms has in-house resources available.

Dealers:  Please call 888-237-2944 for volume pricing.