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excess inventoryFor the longest time, the model for Gun businesses was you (the gun dealer) purchased guns from a manufacturer or wholesaler and hoped that you ordered items that your customers wanted to buy. Without fail, you will always end up with certain items that are either hard to sell or appeal to such a small market segment that you end up never selling them.

When you look at companies like Dell and Apple they use "just in time" ordering so that they avoid the problem of inventory buildup and getting stuck with hard to sell items that require constant mark downs.

Black Sheep Arms wants to sell your hard to sell inventory by listing it on our site. We will advertise the products and handle the FFL/ATF paperwork.  

How it works

We utilize a simple Excel Spreadsheet that is stored "in the cloud" under your complete control. 

DropboxDropbox (www.dropbox.com) has a feature that allows you to share a folder which in turn, allows us (with a password) to access an inventory file (created in Excel) and we use that file to import your inventory into our e-commerce platform.

You can access the share Black Sheep Arms Dropbox folder here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/njfyz5utxpg9zl0/3BrZN99mtj

The Formatting Is Easy

For most gun shops that already use Excel, we can map your existing file to our database as long as the following columns are utilized:

  • Product Name
  • Model
  • Manufacturer
  • SKU
  • Retail Price
  • Cost Price (This fee is utilized to determine revenue split and is not displayed to customer)
  • Product Description
  • Quantity (This is the amount you have in stock)
  • Image URL (This is a link to existing product image stored on the Internet)
  • Tags (Optional) (These are short comma separated terms to better classify product)
  • An optional column not show would be the "Collection" column. This would be default value =  "Firearms" and then separated by a comma you would either include the value = "Handgun" or "Rifle" or "Shotgun"

To download a sample Microsoft Excel File with the above headers click HERE (Sample Excel File: Note: The sample file has a sample product in the first row than you can use as a guide. It also contains the Collection column with an example.)

This file list guns that you have a hard time selling or it might just be excess inventory. Either way, we access that file every hour and update the quantities available on our system. If you happen to sell the an item in your store, you just reduce the Item Quantity in the spreadsheet and our system will update that inventory in our e-commerce platform.

When a gun sells, we collect payment from the buyer, send them an email detailing when the gun will be available for pickup (for local transactions this is usually a day - this is the time it takes us to drive over and pick up said item) and then we handle all buyer related paperwork.  

After we receive payment from the buyer we immediately either call or setup an automated payment step with you (the supplier), so you get paid the minute the gun sells. 

Since the profit margins on guns can vary from gun to gun and category to category, we offer custom terms so that this arrangement works for both sides.

We want to be your partner and become an extra channel that you have to move items.

Our system updates inventory files every 15 minutes so we are always in sync with the products you have available to sell. If your products are already stored in a database, the with some custom work we can even potentially link directly to that file/s.  We want to work with your business model vs. you having adapt to ours.

Why Black Sheep Arms vs. Gunbroker

While Gunbroker is a great resource to sell items, it takes time to create a listing, upload the artwork, and continually monitor sales and payment follow thru. We are looking to create a Texas Network of high end gun stores with Texas specific advertising efforts that separate your products from Gunbroker's thousands of other similar listings. Black Sheep Arms (BSA) wants to be an automated way for you to move products with minimal effort.

Our system can import existing product images you might have already created or we have an in-house studio where we can  photograph your products on a white background.

Our business is selling online. Your business should be selling products in your store. Let us help you convert your inventory into cash with no risk.

To take the next step and list automate the listing of your products and sales, call Patrick at 512-772-3813 or 512-415-0898 or email patrick@blacksheeparms.com